Steve aka John Henry Jones: A musician and songwriter, who wrote a #1 hit for ASIA and produced records for the Hollywood , Bomp, Posh Boy, and SPV labels. As an A&R guy who, while at THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, he helped create HOLLYWOOD RECORDS, discovered the CHERRY POPPIN DADDIES, and the animated short film “CREATURE COMFORTS” (whose director, Nick Park, went on to win multiple Academy Awards and to create the popular “WALLACE AND GROMMIT” claymation series, and the feature film: “CHICKEN RUN”). A musician-turned-filmmaker, Steve helped develop Showtime’s “DEAD MAN’S GUN” series, has wrote episodes of VH-1’S “STRANGE FREQUENCY” series, producing/directing VH-1’S “FANCLUB” documentary series, and producing a new VH-1 series called “MYSTERY TOUR.” Also in the works is a new PBS series:”IN THE STUDIO,” and a reality series — “THE STRUGGLE” for the Moviewatch Network. Mr. Jones is producing several music-based films, including the features, “BLACK MOSES: THE ISAAC HAYES STORY,” “THE RAW WAY” and ” TAYLOR MADE,” Andy Dick’s directorial debut.
Mr. Jones’ music video credits include, “KID ROCK: ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY,” “DEXTER FREEBISH: LEAVING TOWN,” and “BUSH: WARM MACHINE.”
Representation: Ken Greenblatt, Major Clients Agency.

Alan Waddington: Is working with the overall program at CITRUS COLLEGE in Glendora , California . trying to find new/old effective methods of enhancing the students education. Alan does work with drummers, and has been playing alot. Mostly jazz, musicals, and some movie stuff. Since THE UNFORGIVEN he was in the movie “RENNESAINCE MAN” and hired the drummers for the scene where Danny Devito takes the group to see the play. You can see him briefly, and hear their drumming through out that scene. Alan performed with a bootleg version of THE BAY CITY ROLLERS and played with MYRON FLOREN and THE LAWRENCE WELK ALL STARS when the drummer didn’t show up. Short rehearsal, sight read most of the show. Interesting problem solving with the girl from Mexico , singing America . Alan lived in South Korea for six months and was the only American in a Korean pop orchestra. He would perform with Korean pop stars and would be the only one in the building who didn’t know the song. Sometimes this lead to trouble. The jazz band at CITRUS COLLEGE is one of the best in the country. They perform regularly in Japan , and Hawaii where some of the teachers and Alan do clinics. He took a group from the college on the WARPED TOUR a couple of years ago. Where they took RAMONES, CURE, songs etc. and arranged them in a swing style.

Jay Lansford: Guitarist for both Stepmothers and the late model Unforgiven. Jay was a founding member of the original LA Punk rock scene, playing in lots of seminal bands like the Simpletones, Ch. 3, Rik L. Rik, and The Urge. He also played on and produced some of the best L.A. punk records of all time, including Agent Orange, The Klan and The Crowd. In ’87 Jay and Steve went to Germany to co-produce a punk record by The Smarties. Jay moved there, married a German woman and has a 7-year-old daughter. He does A&R for the SPV label and still plays in the Hannover Pu.

Johnny Hickman: Is in the band CRACKER. See his website under Links.

Mike Finn, and Mike aka Just Jones: Have formed a band “The Hickman” check them out at the links page.

Larry Lee Lerma: Rumored to be playing in Jim Belushi’s Sacred Hearts Band.